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Prevent Future Cockblocks

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This scenario has happened to everyone: You’re out with your friends and you meet a cutie and his/her friends. Everyone is really hitting it off, particularly you and the person you honed in on. You and your roomie decide to invite these folks back to your place to drink more, watch a movie — whatever. Now it’s starting to get hot and heavy for you and your lady/dude, but his/her friends are still there and they have no intention of hooking up with your roommate. Not to mention that it’s too late and everyone is too drunk to get home. What to do about sleeping arrangements in your small apartment? Enter the Poppi Theatre System.

From Resource Furniture, the Poppi Theatre System is a media center that has a sliding panel that reveals a twin size bed that folds down! No price listed yet, but it’s sure to be costly. How much is not being cockblocked worth to you?


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