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Rebecca on Burberry, G-Star, and the Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

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Rebecca for's style blog

What are you wearing right now?
Due to the ninety degree weather, I’m just wearing a very simple, cotton black dress.

Where’d you get it?
I have no idea. It’s my oldie-but-goodie.

And you’ve got Ray Bans. What about the necklace and shoes?
The necklace is just a longer turquoise necklace from my mother. Boutique Nine Shoes. I got them at Bloomingdale’s. I think they’re like the nicer Nine West.

Are there any current fashion trends that you’re really into?

There are a lot that I don’t like. I feel like all women’s sandals right now look the same. It’s hard to find something that sets you apart from everybody else. I feel like there’s kind of a uniform in those stores. But I always tend to just buy what I like and don’t follow trends too much. I’m not really in the know about current trends.

Where do you shop?

I love Burberry, especially their bags. They have clean lines and great style. I love Bloomingdales, mainly because it’s close. I work a couple blocks away, so I’m always checking out those stores.

What kind of things do you gravitate towards?

I love G-Star, too. I love clean lines, simple, classic things that you can always kind of mix and match. I always stick to the grays and the blacks and accessorize accordingly.

If you were going for a super sexy night on the town what would you wear?

Skinny jeans, heels, and a sexy little top of some sort.

What are some things that men are wearing right now that you hate?

It’s hard because my fiancee wears G-Star, a uniform of all G-Star. And I love it. I love the tailored look. Most guys look kind of sloppy and dissheveled, but I really appreciate a streamlined, tailored look.

If you went out with someone and you ended up back at their apartment, what’s something that would make you run away?
If it was a complete mess. I dated someone for a long time who just needed a mommy. He put dirty dishes in the pantry or cabinet. I’d go to get a clean dish and I’d have food fall on me because he put it away with food still on it. I’m much more into people who can take care of themselves, who don’t need someone to hold their hand or clean up after them and cook and clean and be the little housewife. Because that’s not who I am. That’s my number one thing: take care of yourself.