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Revenge of the Nerds

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It’s no secret that nerdy girls are a whole realm of hotness all by themselves. I’ve got a few friends who totally rock this genre of cute — thick glasses, mousy bangs, thrift store peacoats, all simultaneously camouflaging and enhancing hands-down hotness and a general penchant for partying. It’s truly enviable, and no small wonder that I love to hang out with them.

If you want to snag a nerdy vixen of your very own, a good place to start is the Etsy Geekery section. It’s constantly changing and full of charming knick knacks that’ll give you some insight into the mind of a true nerd. Here are some of my current favorites:

[$22, Etsy]

[$1, Etsy]

The possibilities here are fairly endless: shop to outfit yourself for the nerd of your dreams, find gifts for that special nerdy someone, or just click around and get inspired by all the geekdom.

[Etsy Geekery]

[photo via Fubiz]