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Ring In the Resolutions

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I don’t know about you guys, but so far 2010 is pretty freakin’ awesome. We had an amazing time making Moscow Breezes and partying it up on NYE, then spent the next couple of days kicking monster hangovers and reflecting on another year gone by. Sure it was back to business as usual today, but somehow it all feels just a little more exciting.

With all this New Year’s newness on the brain, I have to admit that I’m not a huge proponent of the resolution concept. That said, I did make a promise to bike more this coming year, and to eat more cheese (dairy is the secret to happiness, after all). And I’m in total admiration of those who do make resolutions and see them through. Thankfully, technology is here to help you out in that department.

If you’ve got a resolution, there’s an app to help you fulfill it:

Resolution: Drinking Less (I’m still pondering the possible merits of this one, especially after an epic two-day hangover)
App: Drink Less Alcohol Tracker will track your daily alcohol consumption, tell you how much you spend on drinks, and give you handy tidbits like calorie content and brand comparisons.

Resolution: Get Organized
App: 2Do has nearly everything you’ll ever need to be the most organized person you know. And that’s good for a whole lot of reasons.

Resolution: Quit Smoking
App: Sick of Smoking takes a multi-tiered approach to kicking the habit; it includes a scheduling program, hypnosis options, medical data, money saved charts, and a whole lot more.

Resolution: Exercise More
App: Body Fitness includes a workout calendar, scheduler, targeted exercise suggestions, and a simple logging system. In other words, it’s snazzy enough to inspire you to get your workout on.

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