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Ring It On: End the Oughties in Style

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The oughties are nearly over, and it goes without saying that ringing in ’10 will be one fantastic party. In honor of the event, we’re going to bring you a "Ring It On" post every day this week — full of NYE tips, tools, and suggestions that’ll make your New Year truly unforgettable.

First things first, every party needs the right attire. And before you swear that the last time you’d be seen wearing a triangular hat with a string was your 10th birthday, consider this: at every single NYE party that I’ve been to in recent memory, someone has broken out a bunch of cheesy party paraphernalia. Furthermore, each of those parties was more awesome because of it. And even furthermore, the genius behind the party preparedness always managed to have a really, really good night.

So go ahead — get prepared with your very own cheesy NYE party kit:

Whether you’re at a house party, a bar, or a high-class soiree this Thursday night, cardboard hats and honkers are the right thing to do. Trust me on this.

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