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Ring It On: Party Finder

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More often than not, the best New Year’s eve ends up being a raucous night spent at a dedicated event. The perks are endless: drinks provided, loads of fun people, party distractions, and no clean-up once it’s all over. Take my last year’s NYE, when a bunch of us went to a party at a vintage pinball museum. It was a long, loud night full of booze, unlimited free play pinball, and hundreds of giddy players. There’s truly nothing quite like ringing in the new year to the sound of old-school bells and stoppers.

It’s still one of the best parties I’ve ever been to, and we found it thanks to Flavorpill SF. So if you don’t have plans yet for this Thursday, I’d definitely recommend checking out Flavorpill or Thrillist, both online event sites that are updated constantly and have dedicated city-specific publications written by people you should probably be hanging out with right now.

So get out there this New Year’s eve and say farewell to ’09 in style.