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Rivaut on Rihanna, Rosario Dawson, and Going Commando

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What attracts you to a guy?
His smile. I have a teeth fetish. You have nice teeth, by the way.

Thanks. What’s something about a person’s style that could cancel out nice teeth and instantly repel you?
Just if it’s boring, like dual colors. That’s when you can tell they don’t really care.

According to people who know you, who’s your doppelganger?
Rosario Dawson.

You sound absolutely thrilled.
It’s usually when I don’t have my glasses on that people say that.  I don’t see it.  Her head shape is completely different. Her head is more oval; mine’s more round.

What would you wear if you were going out to get laid?
No underwear. It’s easy access.

Is this a good example of your everyday style?
No, I just put whatever on because I was running late. I’m actually into Rihanna; I do like her fashion taste. It’s a bit on the rock side, but not really. It just has spunk.

What’s a new look that we’ll never catch you adopting?
Poofy shoulders. Like back in the ’80s. I don’t see them too much here, in Madison, but I see them a lot back home in L.A.