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Rocking Enhances Bedroom Aerobics

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As babies, it was thatrocking motion that would put us to sleep. Now it’s that slight rocking motion that gets us off.

From German designers Private Cloud comes the Rocking Bed. It is a bed that rocks. Aside from looking gorgeous, this bed has its practical purposes.

Getting rocked to bed works for babies, so why not adults? Get entranced by that rocking motion and have the best sleep of your life.

But there are better applications of this rocking bed than sleep. . .

Think of all those sex positions you have up your sleeve. Now think of them while rocking. The subtle rocking will have both of you experiencing these positions in ways you’ve never dreamed of. If a cramped orgy is in order, you’re all set because this bed carries up to six people.

You can also lock this bed into a stationary position if you are feeling less experimental.


[€5400 – €6700 (approx. $7786 – $9775), Private Cloud]

[via Retro To Go]