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Roger, Jerod, and Their Frigid Couture

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Roger & Jerod

It’s the end of fashion week here in New York City, where frigid couture has been parading all about town. I ran into Roger and Jerod along Broadway, as they were shopping for accessories. Both are costume designers and former stylists, although there’s nothing about their style that seems  ‘former.’ In fact, it’s all very present. They tell me that the great thing about their profession is that often friends design clothes specifically for them, free in exchange for business. As a result, very few brand names appear on this duo, a fact they tell me with pride.

On the left, we have Roger. His coat was designed by a man named Leo Harrell, a designer so indie-couture, he doesn’t even appear in Google search. Leo was clearly going for the whole dog-sledder-meets-hair-of-poodle look when creating this piece. (Note: We don’t actually think that’s poodle hair.) The bag was created by the super high-end design house, Goyard, whose items I see more often on the arms of the folks gracing TMZ.   

Jerod is more of an anomaly. His boots are the least obscure, they come from Ralph Lauren. On the other hand, his giant, Russian-fur-trader-style hand – the piece that made me stop these two in the first place – is another one from the shadowy Leo Harrell. And as to the origins his coat, he didn’t say – the only clue we have is the white pony – but whether that’s a sports logo, an obscure music reference, or the mark of a designer I should have heard of, I’ll never know.