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Romantic Dinner Shows That You’re A Force of Nature

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Has your carefully-planned romantic picnic been rained out? Not surprising, considering this craptastic weather the past few days. Luckily, you can bring the very best of nature indoors with this dinnerware collection, featuring original naturalist illustrations by Laura Zindel.

If this tarantula creeps you out (I keep having flashbacks to the first time I watched Arachnophobia), the wildlife only gets wilder from there:


[$42, Blackbird]


[$122, Blackbird]


[$49, Blackbird]


[$42, Blackbird]

If your date’s a bit squeamish, perhaps you should save this mug for her:


[$42, Blackbird]

Then again, if your date’s not comfortable in the great outdoors, perhaps you shouldn’t be planning picnics a deux.

[Via Apartment Therapy]