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Ronnie on Opening Ceremony, avoiding the muffin top, and semi-clothed sex

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Lonnie on Nerve style blog

What's your name and what do you do?
Ronnie Yoked. I am a fashion designer. I just launched my new line, Malca, with my design partner Genevieve McClendon. I am also finishing up my last semester at Parsons for Fashion Design this spring.

What are you wearing?
BCBG black pleated front trousers, a white vintage top, shoes are by Aldo. Bracelets are from India, the necklace I’ve had for years and can’t remember where it’s from and earrings are from a great piercing shop in Salt Lake City called Koi.

What are some of your favorite places to shop online?
Opening Ceremony (if I can afford it), for some interesting finds,, and I’m embarrassed to admit it, but Urban Outfitters when I’m feeling like checking out some trendy items.

Some fashion blogs that you read all the time?
Considering I’m a fashion designer I should be able to name a bunch, but I’m too busy making clothes to actually surf the web. However, I do look at Women’s Wear Daily and WGSN for what’s hot on the runway.

Skinny pants: over or awesome? 
Awesome for me, not so awesome for others. It really depends on your shape and, of course, how you rock them. To me, anything is better than that god-awful muffin-top women rock from wearing those low-ass jeans…So as long as those muffins are tucked back in I’m all good.

Some articles of clothing that you consider essential? Some of your favorite things and where did you get them?
To me, a classic is a perfect black dress. I like everything short, so my perfect black dress is a Topshop mini dress with cut outs at the side seams. Can’t live without it and always makes me feel sexy. And my miniskirts are a must have. Got to show off those gams while I still have them, so rain or shine freezing or warm, I’m always rockin’ a miniskirt. That's probably why I’m always so damn cold in the winter!

If you're sizing up a guy, what are some outfit details you really like? What do you find sexy or endearing?
I’m all about the tailored man. Nice fitting pants, jeans, not too skinny (if they’re tighter than mine, then it’s not a good look), not so baggy I could jump right in either. I also love it when people do the unexpected. Mixing prints is something I love to see and not everyone is courageous enough to do it. Mixing styles is something I love too, wearing something extremely elegant or soft with something more rugged or worn shows a sense of style and thoughtfulness. 

What are some absolute deal-breakers? A certain kind of shoe? A certain hair/hairstyle, etc?
Shoes to me seal the deal. Guy or girl, if your shoes suck, then you probably suck too! Harsh, maybe, but true. I also can’t stand the classic American man outfit of pleated khakis, white turtleneck with a crew neck sweatshirt over the top (probably has an Eagles logo on it) and white sneakers. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little each time I see it. Burn it, burn it all!

If you were going out, trying to get laid, what would you wear?
Well, luckily for me those days are gone since I got a man! So I say, wear whatever makes you feel like your most beautiful and sexy self. In a relationship, sometimes all it takes is my pajamas and he’s in, so whatever you have on, make it work!

Best items of clothing to keep on during sex? 
A skirt of course! Hike it up, hike it up!

If you were to go home to a guy's apartment, what's something that if you saw it, in his apartment would make you turn around and leave?
A cockroach holding a welcome home sign. Oh and maybe a “Jesus loves you” sticker.