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Roundup: A Steady Hand for Home Movies

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[$10, Photojojo]

Have a bit of an exhibitionistic streak, along with a flare for the dramatic and a desire to direct films? The only props you need are a sexy screen partner, a good camera, and…um…five arms?

It can be difficult to act, direct, and shoot your sex tape or erotic photos, which is why I suggest picking up one of these invaluable, on-the-go tripods.

Such as the bottle cap tripod above, which fits onto the top of just about any bottle.

[$23, Photojojo]

Or the gorillapod, which has bendable tentacles that allow it to easily stand firm on uneven surfaces, or wrap around poles, tree branches, etc.

[$30, Photojojo]

Then there’s the monsterpod, which sticks to any service.

If you’d like something more traditional (the items at Photojojo are anything but traditional, which is why I love them), there are plenty of tripods to choose from over at Amazon, such as the one below:

[$20.35, Amazon]

Just be sure to…um…send me the finished product.