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Roundup: Cute, Two-Piece Indie Bands Can Be Awesome

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This past weekend I was playing a show in Richmond and this band Sexy Crimes played after us. Sexy Crimes is a two-piece punk rock duo consisting of drums, bass, and the two members shouting the lyrics, which are all about their friends, at the top of their lungs. It was awesome.

Later I found out that the two were dating and was thinking about how super cute it is when couples form a band together. It almost makes me want to start a cutesy, two-piece band with my girlfriend.

Though sometimes annoying on record, these two-piece couple bands are awesome to see live because of all the smiling and obvious love between the two members.

Go see one of these bands live and you’ll be wanting to make music with your girlfriend/boyfriend in no time.

Mates of State was my introduction to this cute niche of indie pop. I saw this organ-drum duo open for Death Cab for Cutie a few years ago and I was pretty enthralled. The albums don’t really do it for me, but they are definitely a band worth seeing live.

I can get down on this band way more than Mates of State. Slingshot Dakota is almost a punk rock version of Mates of State (think of Mates of State if they were influenced by Jawbreaker and basement shows). They also do a really awesome cover of Fugazi’s "Waiting Room".

Though I can’t really get into Matt and Kim, loads of people like them. More drums, more keyboards, more sunny pop melodies, and lots of smiling.

She and Him are not dating at all, but M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel make above average indie folk. And, well, pretty much every indie dude is in love with Zooey so I couldn’t really exclude this band from the list.

So grab a girlfriend/boyfriend (or someone you want to fill that role), keyboards, drums, and/or guitars, and start an adorable, possibly annoying band together!