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Roundup: Dance Your Way Right Into His Heart

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Carrie Bradshaw first rocked the ballerina-but-not look in the opening credits of Sex and the City.

Were the men of America charmed? Probably not, but I was.

Still, the tutu skirts and tutu dresses didn’t start popping up until fairly recently, coinciding with the rise of So You Think You Can Dance’s naughty ballerina (see above).

Is the naughty ballerina finally the new naughty librarian?

If so, you’d better dig out those ballet flats so you can dance your way right into your man’s heart. To help you along, here’s a selection of dance-inspired dresses, listed in order from most to least expensive (s0 as to make you feel progressively better, rather than progressively worse):


[$550, She]


[$247.50, shopbop]

(I want this one hard core.)


[$195, edressme]

I want this one even more hard core because oh my god it is purple.


[$57, Etsy]

This is the first one I could actually (maybe) afford. (Plus, the nips in these pictures are freaking me out.)


[$24.80, Forever 21]

The cheapo version.

Is anyone else itching to dig out their Fame and Flashdance DVDs?

(For further information, here’s The Frisky’s post on how to wear a tutu without looking silly.)