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Roundup: Five Ways to Have Very, Very Happy Holidays

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The holidays are nearly upon, and soon we’ll all be gorging ourselves at T-Day tables. If your family is anything like mine, this means inevitable drama. But the season can also bring a whole lot of hot holiday action, and here are five ways to start it:

#1: Bake something. Anything.

Though I tend to set more ovens than tastebuds on fire in the kitchen, I still stand by the age-old art of baking. And even if your gingerbread men taste like burnt toast, if you bring them along to work/a party/wherever, you’re sure to get points for the effort. And baking can be so much easier with one of these to help you out:



All attention aside, sweating over your stove for the sake of holiday cheer can also be pretty charming.

#2: Buy a stranger a drink.

See that guy at the end of the bar? Yeah, him. He’s totally hot, and you definitely wouldn’t mind feasting on him for Thanksgiving. Well, buy him a drink!

Never underestimate the power of purchasing a round. Sure it’ll cost you a few extra bucks, but it’s a worthy investment. My advice? Buy at least one stranger a drink this holiday season and see what ensues.

#3: Always have mistletoe handy.

I have a friend who brought mistletoe in her pocket whenever we went out, every night throughout the holidays last year. And guess what? She saw more action in those two months than in the whole prior year put together. But you don’t necessarily need the real thing:


[$22, Etsy]

This hand-stitiched leather mistletoe necklace should do the trick just fine.

#4: Be ready to seal the deal… and taste great doing it.

Once you’ve reeled ’em in with mistletoe, make sure they won’t want to kiss anybody else all night long:


[$7.50, Bath and Body Works]

Nobody can resist eggnog, especially when it’s on your lips.

#5: Have LOTS of you time.

With all the stress of the holidays, definitely make sure to get your you time. Jimmyjane has once again come to our rescue in this department, with the new Form 2 vibrator:


[$135, Jimmyjane]

The stylish, compact design features two flexible ears that move and vibrate independently. In other words, an hour with this little wonder and all of your holiday stresses will melt right away.

And trust me — if you start thinking of the holidays as prime hottie-hunting season, you’ll snag your very own naughty Santa in no time.