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Roundup: Hourglass Looks Will Snag You a Man in One Hot Minute

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Ladies. I’d like to confide in you. When I’m walking down the streets of SoHo, I can’t help groaning inwardly (and jealously) at the perfectly executed skinny jeans, and tunic + leggings combinations filing past me at every corner.

With my curves, I’d never get a pair of skinny jeans past my flipping calves.

What I’ve come to realize, however, is that men love curves, and nothing drives them wilder than a perfect hourglass figure. How can you play up (and perhaps even fabricate) your own hourglass figure? It’s way easy:


[$62, Fred Flare]

The most important thing to remember is that you want a cinched-waist look. This will draw the eye to the skinniest part of you. Structured dresses like the one above, with its dark band band at the waist, do the job nicely.


[$325, Neiman Marcus]

Wrap desses — which tie at the waist — also work. Here’s one of those iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses. Of course, wrap dresses never seem to fall correctly on me (and I always worry about them flapping open), so I prefer the faux-wrap:


[$1,095, Neiman Marcus] If you’re not into going all out on a dress, there are tops and skirts that can also do the trick.


[$37.90, Nordstrom]

This top has a v-neck that elongates and thins out the neckline, and an empire waist that cinches underneath the bust.


[$34.95, New York & Company]

This pencil skirt sits high and tight on the waist, and curves nicely around oh-so-shapely hips.


[$90, Revolve Clothing]

And a-line skirts are, of course, flattering on everyone (alleluia for a-line skirts!). This high-waisted number cinches perfectly at the waist. If you’re wearing something a little looser, and not as shapely, you can always create shape with one of these belts:


[$8.99, Charlotte Russe]

Finally, if you’ve lured him as far as the bedroom, may I suggest lingerie from Turkey:


[$150, Dames & Broads]

They design their underthings — using ruching, fuller busts, and accentuated hips — to create an exaggerated hourglass figure.

Skinny jeans? I don’t need no skinny jeans!