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Roundup: It’s Business Time

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Here’s a little secret, guys: ladies love a man in a suit. As James Franco so aptly demonstrates here, a guy all spiffed up in fancy clothes is damn near irresistible. So what is it about the suit that makes us swoon? Sure it looks hot, but I’m willing to bet there’s something more to it… something that screams out business time in all the right ways.

And even if you don’t have/can’t afford/prefer not to sport the suit look, you can get the same effect with a briefcase that proves your vocational prowess and carries all your stuff. And trust me, the boxy old briefcase that connotes dad on his way to work is most definitely a thing of the past:

The No-Nonsense Executive


[$495, Saddleback Leather Co.]

Saddleback’s handmade leather briefcase is basically a vessel of manliness. It’s sturdy, smart, and all business — and those aren’t bad qualities to take from the office to the bedroom.

The Sexy Efficiency Expert


[$130, Kenneth Cole]

Leave it to Kenneth Cole to come up with a briefcase that’s affordable and sexy. It’s simple and straightforward with a stylish edge that suggests there’s all sorts of intriguing things about the guy behind the case.

The Rebel


[£45, Fred Perry]

If you want a briefcase that says rock-n-roll-star-turned-businessman, then this Fred Perry case is for you. Truly, it’s a design that proves a little white piping can go a long, long way.

The Classic Gentleman


[$795, Tumi]

Simple, elegant, and clearly expensive: if you can afford this Tumi case, you (and it) are bound to garner a few second glances.

The Kid at Heart


Merging success, utility, and color-inspired fun, these ceramic briefcases by designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos are an excellent way to say that despite the business-y exterior, you know how to have a good time. A really, really good time.

[Alexandros Stasinopoulos]

They say that the briefcase makes the man, but I’d like to think that the briefcase can also get the man a hot date or two.