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Roundup: Join the Mile High Club

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It’s summer time and everyone is getting ready for that long-awaited two-week vacation of theirs. With vacations come airplanes. And with airplanes come potential flirting (or more) onboard! Prepare yourself for your induction into the Mile High Club with these tools of attraction:


[£35 (approx. $57), End Clothing]
[via Retro to Go]

Aside from appealing to a trendy passengers retro sensibilities, this bag is spacious enough to carry all the things you may possibly need in making a connection (pun intended): two books (one pop book a’la The Da Vinci Code, for normies, and one good book, depending on what it seems like they’re into), mints, condoms, earplugs (because it’s not sexy when you’re writhing in pain as your ears pop), and the following other products:


[$6, Amazon]

Sitting in one spot for a long time, you tend to accumulate a thin layer of glistening grease on your face. Wipe that oil away so you can look fresh, even if it is an eight-hour flight. Also good for freshening up after you join the club.


[$13, Flameless Candles]

So you and the person by the window start to talking. He/she likes your bag and notices that you’re less greasy than the other people on the plane. The flirting is at a fever pitch. Time to move things to the bathroom. This isn’t the most romantic act ever. Create a little romance with these flameless wax candles (plus it’ll make the bathroom smell nicer).


[$20, Amazon]

For easier access and less constriction around your ankles, go with crotchless panties! Or ladies can just pull to the side and men can wear boxers. Or you can both go commando. So many options!

Thanks to Pam for some of these silly tips!