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Roundup: Love and Chocolate

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It’s an aphrodisiac, a mild intoxicant, and a proven stimulant. It’s delectable, delicious, and oh-so decadent. It’s chocolate, and these chocolate-inspired products provide a straight shot to the heart of your object of desire:


Whether you’re wooing an established love or a new flame, why not chart your chances with pure chocolate. These pie chart pieces are made of 70% milk chocolate, 20% dark chocolate, and 10% white chocolate respectively, meaning you’re sure to find a flirting allocation that will end in luv-etary success.

[Mary & Matt]


When it’s time to turn your game of chance into a game of strategy (we’re talking attraction here, of course), chocolate can set the perfect tone. Plus, chocolate chess makes for a deliciously memorable date. And hey, if the competition gets too stiff, you can always eat the pieces.

[Key Design]


Show your date that your smarts don’t end at edible chess. This intriguing chocolate-inspired t-shirt proves that there’s more to a sweet-tooth than sugar: it’s all about science. This molecular representation of Theobromine (the chemical that makes you happy when you eat cacao) will truly demonstrate your chocolate savvy.

[$19, ThinkGeek]


When everything’s just right and it’s time to go in for the kiss, be prepared with your very own pack of chocolate gum. After all, a kiss that tastes like chocolate is a kiss not soon forgotten.

[$1.75, Chocolate Heaven]


Finally, set the mood with this unique chocolate-inspired lamp from Italian designer Nemo. While you can’t eat it, there is no better way to lower the lights on a chocolate-fueled rendezvous.

[Price upon request, Nemo]