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Roundup: Map Your Perfect Match

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Sometimes the road to romance can be hard to find. But with this collection of map-inspired miscellany, you’ll know exactly where you’re going… and precisely how to get there:

The NYC subway map dress from designer Massimo Vignelli will make you a municipal vision in silk. Not only will you get more than few intrigued glances, you’ll be an invaluable asset to to the fellow passenger of your choice.

[$250, Nordstrom]

[via LikeCool]


Whether you’re honing a first impression or looking to inspire a long-term love, these pocket-sized, leather-bound atlases from Orvis are sure to impress. You can choose from world maps, national parks, or a whole selection of other gorgeous historical sites, meaning that you’ll astonish with your geography skills and inspire romantic road trips.

[$49, Orvis]

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Nothing navigates the way to your flame’s heart faster than a love letter enclosed in one of these map-lined envelopes. Made with 100% recycled paper and maps, these envelopes will make your adoring missives just as pleasurable to open as they are to read.

[$3 – $18, Start Motions]


Every time I see one of Ork’s city neighborhood maps, I can’t help but gaze lovingly at it… the screenprinted art, the seductive typography, the intrigue of esoteric neighborhood names. It’s enough to make me swoon, and I guarantee the same goes for that very special someone.

[$20, Ork Posters]


Once you’ve seduced with fashion, impressed with knowledge, and wooed with words, there’s only one thing left to do: snuggle like crazy. These handmade map quilts from artist Leah Evans are the perfect thing to get close under. And should you lose your way with all that snuggling, you can always follow an interstate to the nearest national monument.

[$490 – $2000, Leah Evans Textiles]