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Roundup: Smooch Operator

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The perfect kiss has it all: romance, lust, intrigue, pleasure, and butterflies to boot. Here are five products that will maximize your smooching skills and create a more kissable you:


So how do you pull off the perfect kiss? One word: inspiration. If you haven’t seen Hitchcock’s Notorious, it’s got one of the hottest kissing sequences known to humankind. Plus it’s a damn good film. Get the DVD, then watch and learn.

[$13, Amazon]


After inspiration comes preparation, especially since nobody wants to kiss a rough, scratchy, dried-out face. Fortunately, Kiss My Face (you can bet it’s called that for a reason) has developed Potent and Pure: a 3-in-1 skin-softening soap that combines shea butter, jojoba oil, and absorbable Vitamin C.

[$15, Kiss My Face]


Once you’ve got the face covered, it’s time to focus on the lips. Pretty much any lip balm will turn those lips from chapped to kissed, but why not invest in one that’ll boost your self esteem and your kissing power?

[$3, David & Goliath]


You’re almost ready for your closeup — now you just need tasty fresh breath. And while you could have just any breathmints on hand, I recommend these Oral Fixation Chai mints for a couple of reasons: 1) everyone loves the taste of Chai (ie you’re pretty much guaranteed a longer kiss), and 2) they’re ever-so-slightly caffeinated, for that little extra jolt of lip action.

[$3, ThinkGeek]


Every art requires tools, and this modern take on the Victorian courting chair is the perfect setup for sultry smooching. Throw in a few cushions, and you and your date will be blissfully preoccupied for hours on end.

[Price upon request, Ana Linares]