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Roundup: Table for Two

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All right, guys. Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and whether you’re happily monogamized or flirting with several intimate options this Sunday, you can’t go wrong with a homemade dinner for two.

It’s cheap(er), it’s sweet, and it’s got an uncanny proximity to where we all want to end up once Sunday night rolls around (yes, that would be the bedroom). But to pull off the perfect romantic dinner, you’ll definitely need a few decor accessories.

Plates that are sophisticated enough to speak to your culinary skill, but cute enough to be distracting in case of a kitchen emergency:

[$3.95 – $4/95, CB2]

Placemats that aesthetically impress and make the food look even better:

[$25, A+R]

Charming glasses that can’t not be drunk from:

[$6, Anthropologie]

A little bit of mood lighting:

[$6, Etsy]

And, finally, a surefire way to cook up a meal that is budget-savvy and delicious:

[$18, Urban Outfitters]

Yep, your apartment just got way sexier than a crowded restaurant with overpriced drinks and awkward couples. That, and dessert will most certainly be something to remember.