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Roundup: The Dry Skin Blues

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Being someone afflicted with dry skin, I am well aware of the fact that most people don’t like holding hands when your palms feel like a stone. It’s never a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely a preference. If I could change I would, but, alas, this is who I am and I need to work around it.

Whether your skin is scaly and cracked or it resembles a chalkboard, here are some tired and true products that help make skin more tolerable to touch.

I’ve tried a lot of moisturizing body washes and Dove’s Ultra Rick Cream Oil Body Wash is by far is the most effective. It’s thick (hence the name "Ultra Rich") and contains oil and moisturizing lotions.

[$4, Walgreens]

If you men out there want to go the boutique route for post-shower lotioning, you can’t go wrong with Jack Black products. Their Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak uses exfoliating salts, shea butter, and glycerin (!) to remove dead skin cells and fight dry patches.

[$35, Nordstrom]

[via Valet.]

But not everyone can afford expensive lotions. The best affordable option I’ve found is Dove’s Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion for extra dry skin.

[$8, Walgreens]

[$2, Walgreens]

And when all else fails, it’s time to kick it old school: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Seriously.

Soon enough, you’re skin will be smooth enough to have your lady/guy friend all over or you. . . or just content enough to hold your hand.