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Roundup: The Layered Look – Looking Hot No Matter What the Weather Is

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Transitioning from summer to autumn is tough.It can be cold in the morning, humid in the day, and then freezing at night again.

You need to dress in such a way that is both fashionable and lets you be as warm as you need to be throughout the day.

Whether you have all your layers on or not, here are a few smart choices that’ll turn heads no matter how warm it is.


The coat is what really brings together your fall outfit, so make sure it’s a nice one. I’m a huge fan of the duffle coat and I love the one above short window-pane one above from Steven Alan. 

[$450, Steven Alan]
[via Selectism]

But fall is also the perfect time for tweed, so I wouldn’t hold it against you if you went for this jacket from Beauty & Youth instead.


[$300, Zozo]
[via Selectism]



[$182, Asos

Cardigans are the epitome of grandpa-cool. But for a varied look, get a cardigan with a shawl collar, like this one from Farah Vintage. The pin for the logo is a classy touch and adds a collegiate feel to it. 



[$60, J. Crew]

Though the coat is sometimes the most visibly, the shirt is the foundation. What you need is a shirt that’s smart, but also slightly on the casual side — nothing pressed. Gingham shirts, like the one above, are eye-catching. Or you can go with the classic Oxford shirt. The one below, also from J. Crew, uses a “secret wash” to get the shirt super soft.


[$60, J. Crew]

Pair either of these with a tie or bowtie. Of course, if you wanted to be even more casual, you can’t go wrong with a plaid casual button-down:


[$48, Urban Outfitters]

So get ready to layer up, boys, because no matter how cold it gets, you’ll always be looking hawtttt. I can’t believe I typed that.