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Roundup: The Perfect Date

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So you mustered up the courage to score a date with that special someone — but before you start fantasizing about the (assuredly very hot) action to come, take some time to guarantee that it’ll be a night your flame won’t soon forget:

The secret to the ideal date lies in a perfect balance of planning and spontaneity. No matter how smokin’ hot your date may be, she (or he) is going to get bored if you haven’t done your homework. The good news? Finishing this homework might just get you laid.

What Should Be Planned

When you set out to plan the evening, make sure you’ve got at least a couple main events in the works. Dinner is always a good idea, if anything because a fed date makes a happy date. Whatever you do, choose your restaurant wisely and — if possible — make a reservation. The ever-handy Zagat Guide is a great way to pre-screen food venues:


[$11, Zagat]

And, if you want the whole truth, try BooRah, a newish site that collects restaurant reviews Rotten Tomatoes-style.

Once dinner is in the bag, remember that the post-food plan is just as important as the meal. If my man’s approach is any indication, a show might be the perfect main course. On our first date, we saw Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and it provided enough downtime to hang out plus a good amount of distraction for those, um, awkward first date moments. Check out SeatGeek for handy hints on upcoming shows, tips on whether or not they’ll sell out, and reminders for when you should buy those extra-coveted tickets:



[via Cool Material]

No perfect date is complete without a whole lot of energy spent on what to wear. But instead of tearing through your closet twenty minutes before launch, make yourself a fashion plan. You’ll be way more relaxed, and your date will think you’re just naturally a total hottie.

Ladies, a flirty-but-casual dress makes an unforgettable statement:


[$155, She-Bible]

And guys, don’t panic and blow your paycheck on a whole new getup. Here’s a crucial menswear trick: top off a nice, normal outfit with an absolutely amazing focal point, and your date won’t notice anything else all night long. So man up and accessorize, be it a fancy pair of shoes or a very, very spiffy hat:


[€195, Hard Graft Hats]

[via Uncrate]

What Should Play Out

Here’s the real irony of your hot date: if you over-plan, things are pretty much guaranteed to go pear. So how to plan for not planning? Never fear, it can be done:

Take, for example, the spontaneous after-dinner stroll. First, study up on secret walks and city trivia with Scenic Route, then impress your date with your street savvy:


[Scenic Route]

Whether you get the app or use the site, Scenic Route is a serious undiscovered treasure. It compiles recommended urban walks and fun stuff you’ll see en route from folks who might know your city better than you do.

And while the city unfurls before you, don’t forget to turn on the charm:


[$11, Amazon]

Though I’m hesitant to recommend any book on flirting, you’ve got to start somewhere. And somewhere might as well be a book with pictures. After all — the experience of slogging through Flirting 101 might become its own conversation piece.

Finally, with winter here to stay for a while, find a way to use that all that cold weather to your advantage. Stock up on your cozy cocktail knowledge, and perhaps even invest in a few pre-mixed toddy batters:


[$9.50, Kegworks]

You never know when a nightcap might turn into something even more delicious.