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Roundup: Turn Your Pad into the Ace Hotel

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Hotels are sexy places. You can get down and dirty without a care and away from prying eyes. It’s as if you’re sleeping in some rich friends bed, using their toiletries, and stealing their towels. And let’s not forget the fancy decor.

It doesn’t get any sexier than the Ace Hotel.

The Ace Hotel is the definition of luxury for the young and hip set. From the furnishings to the amenities to the outfits the staff wears, Ace Hotel is top notch.


Now you can transform your pad into the Ace Hotel, sure to impress anyone with a sense of vintage style — just don’t trash your own place, rockstar style.


Being that you’re a rockstar and all (or trying to evoke the lifestyle of one), the Music Hall Turntable MM42LE is the Ace Hotel’s music player of choice. It should be yours too.

[$500, Amazon


The Smeg fridge. Whether your inspiration is the Ace Hotel or not, this is the coolest looking fridge ever made.

[$2,000, Amazon]


Toiletries from Rudy’s Barbershop. Shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, and body wash that contain essential oils, aloe, and wheat protein. Unfortunately, these are only available at Rudy’s Barbershop locations, which are in Seattle, L.A., and Portland.

[$12 – $16, Rudy’s Barbershop

[via NWSource]


So this isn’t exactly what they use, but being that their furniture is mostly vintage, you’ll be hardpressed to find the exact same thing. The Klippan from Ikea is close enough.

[$400, Ikea]


Fill up your new pad with the smell of Le Labo Pin 12 — pine wood, musk, and amber. 

[$70, Le Labo


For finishing touches, pick up a cool mural from a local artist, the Bilk wall graphic you deem fit, and a Pendleton blanket.


And to top it all of, this is the outfit the employees wear. So awesome. Doc Martens,  Chuck Taylors, and a Coto tie made specifically for the Ace Hotel. If you want to go the whole nine, get this outfit (which may be difficult since some of the pieces were made exclusively for Ace).

So grab that gear and turn your apartment into the hottest shag pad this side of the Mississippi, er, except for the Ace Hotel, that is. . .