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Roundup: World’s Best Hangover Cures

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Did you survive? Did you make it to 2010 in one piece? Are you so hung over that your fingertips hurt (and yes, I am speaking from firsthand experience)? Well it may not be much, but here are a few of my tried and true hangover remedies:

1) Mexican electrolytes. Yep, these are indeed an ancient secret of some kind, now mass produced and packaged in rainbow colors to whisk away our hangover cares. To be honest, I have no idea what they’re called; all I know is that the Mexican Grocery down the street has a display of them and they work every time. That said, I’m pretty sure that any electrolyte drink would probably do the trick.

2) Bacon and coffee. Maybe it’s the magical combination of caffeine, protein, grease, and salt, but this is a powerful recipe for hangover busting. The greasier the bacon, the better. And I’d stay away from adding cream to that coffee.

3) The Redye. The Midwest gets a few things right, and its hangover cure is one of ’em. The beauty of the Redeye is in the simplicity: take a tall glass, pour half a beer in, and fill the rest with tomato juice. Hair of the dog and veggie goodness (also known as the poor man’s Bloody Mary).

What say you, post-drunken masses? What’s your favorite way to kick a hangover?