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Sale Alert: Tulle is Going Super-Cheap

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[WAS $90/NOW $36, Tulle]

Tulle’s prices were always pretty good — and their sale prices even better — but, at midnight tonight, the online shop is going even cheaper with an October sale that places some women’s sweaters, pants, and knits between $4.99 and $8.99, and men’s jackets and sweaters from $5.99 to $8.99.

Looking like a million bucks without spending anywhere near that much? So hot. To give you an idea of what Tulle has to offer, here are some of the items whose prices have already been majorly slashed:


[Sweater: WAS $48/NOW $19.20, Tulle; Hoodie: WAS $78/NOW $46.80, Tulle]


[Flocked Dress: WAS $73/NOW $29.20, Tulle; Halter Dress: WAS $60/NOW $24, Tulle; Skirt: WAS $85/NOW $34, Tulle]

Sweetly sexy. Polished and put-together. Cheap as hell. I’ll be ready with my credit card at midnight.