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Sam on Brooklyn, Rob Pattinson, and why sandals in New York are gross

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Sam for Tools of Attraction

Are you from New York?
No, but I’ve been in love with the city my whole life. I lived here as a pre-teen and moved out when I was a teenager, and always kind of resented that. So, as soon as I turned eighteen, I moved to Brooklyn.

Are the guys in Brooklyn better?
I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the case that they’re better, but they’re definitely more my type. I’m someone who puts little value on profession or money. I like sort of alternative, off-beat, eclectic people. Yeah, sure, I like tattoos. I can get behind some beards — not all of them.

If you ended up at a guy’s house, what things would send you running?
Oh God. Children, another woman, probably a sports magazine or GQ or sports posters. Posters of sexy women, I would be kind of turned off by that. I would like to say if they didn’t have a bed or an air conditioner, but I don’t have a bed frame or an air conditioner so I can’t really judge. But it would be great if they did to offset my lack.

How important are tattoos to you?
You know, I’d like to say that they’re not important at all, but I don’t think that I’ve dated or been with anyone who doesn’t have any tattoos in very many years. I had a streak going a few years ago where I kept attracting people with very traditional professions, like Wall Street men and things like that, but I’d end up feeling out of place. If a guy looks at me and says, "Sick ink," I realize we don’t have very much in common. I’d like to think there are exceptions, though.

Where do you go to meet people?
I never really go out at night with the intention of meeting anyone; it’s just not what I do. I generally just hang with friends, and go to a lot of parties, and barbecues. I go to a lot of bike events and to a lot of shows, a few dive bars. Generally, I meet people just hanging out, a very friends-first sort of thing.

Who’s the sexiest man in the world?
The sexiest man in the world? In terms of mainstream celebrities, not gonna lie, Robert Pattinson as a vampire is kind of cute. Anybody with that pale vamp look. Not as a normal human being, only as a vampire.

What kind of fashion trends do you despise?
Sandals in New York in general are gross to me, and flip flops on dudes, never. I really dislike the half-shaved head look on most women and I think store-bought studs are kind of lame. I also really dislike those huge-print streetwear shirts. They’re super, super lame. The really bright, huge prints. Also, fake black metal stuff is pretty lame.