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Sarah on Dress Shorts, Sports Memorabilia, and Joan of Arc

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Sarah for Nerve's blog tools of attraction

Where are you from?
I’m from Texas. I’ve been in New York for a year.

What are some differences between New York and Texas style?
People are much more adventurous here. You might have a crazy outfit in Texas, but in New York, it’s pretty normal.

What are some of your favorite women’s trends?
High-waisted stuff, lots of cute dresses.

What are some styles you like on men?
I like nice dress shorts, a blazer, and a simple t-shirt underneath.

If you were going out specifically to pick up guys, what would you wear?
Probably just something I feel good in — a skirt, a top, some fun shoes. I have to feel comfortable in order to feel attractive.

What’s your go-to outfit?
I have a blue high waisted skirt that’s real simple with a small bow in the bike and a striped top that goes with it.

Let’s say you went out and you ended up home with someone. What’s something in his apartment that would make you leave?
Another woman.

What’s something that would make you stay?
I’d like to be surprised. Some good records or instruments. If he had a lot of sports memorabilia on his walls, that probably wouldn’t be too interesting to me.

Can you think of any style icons that you look into?
I try to draw from older movies. I’m really into Billie Jean right now. She’s a renegade kid-savior, who cuts her hair off because she is inspired by Joan of Arc.