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Sarah on garter belts, Cuban heels, and red lipstick

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Sarah for Tools of Attraction

Hi, what's your name?
My name is Sarah, and I’m originally from Montreal. I’ve been here doing an internship, but I like the  city; I think I’m going to stay.

What are you wearing? It looks very cute.
Thank you! My dress is from a vintage store in Montreal. It’s a 1950s day dress. It’s cotton, and it’s a nice mint sherbet color. My shoes are actually from Aldo, I got them yesterday. I’m really picky about shoes — I find it really hard to find shoes that are my size and look vintage.

So vintage is your style as a whole?
Yeah, pretty much. I try to mix it up, but I find that vintage styles look the best on me. I think it’s because of my figure. In a lot of ways, clothes from the '50s and '40s just accentuate all the right parts. I feel like, why mess with a good thing? Sometimes the hem-lines are longer, but I can still feel really sexy, if not sexier, than if I was wearing a really short dress.

Where do you shop?
In New York, I really like this place called Star Struck Vintage on Greenwich Street. I just discovered that place, and got a dress there the other day. I really like Etsy a lot; my engagement ring is vintage, and my fiance actually got it on Etsy. And I also really like this site called ModCloth, which is new, but has vintage inspired things.

What would you wear if you were going to go out and pick somebody up?
I would definitely wear something with a good cut, something that flattered my figure. Probably a dress, something mid-calf length with a nipped-in waist. If I really want to be sexy, I’ll wear stockings and a garter belt — I especially like stockings with the seam up the back, a Cuban heel. And I’ll wear some heels, and maybe a bit of jewelry. And I usually wear red lipstick.

Is style pretty important when it comes to who you date?
Yes, style definitely matters with men. I’m definitely a lot better at women’s style than guy’s style — it’s something that I’ve had to learn more about. I shop for my fiance now; I’ll see something and I’ll be like, “Do you like this?” and he’ll usually buy it. I definitely like cardigans on guys. I like when they wear things that fit proportionally to their bodies. And I definitely think a vintage style is intriguing. Although, oftentimes if you see a guy with really good style, it’s kind of intimidating. You wonder if they’re straight or not.