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Scarves in the Summer: Sign of a Fashion Victim?

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Look. I’m not trying to pick a fight here, but does anyone else find this scarf trend to be pure crazy?

I mean, you go outside and the air is so thick, you start suffocating. Yet people are walking around with what was previously considered winter outerwear around their necks.

The thing is, I’m as susceptible to trends as the next shopping-obsessed chica, but once I started drooling over the pretty colors and soft cottons of some of the summer scarves out there, I knew it was time to lock up my credit card.

Some check-me-out trends I love seeing on the neighborhood hotties, both male and female:

But when I see someone walk by with a summer scarf — as trendy as it is — I just consider them a sad fashion victim.

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p.s. I have included a photo of a ridiculously expensive scarf here. This is a calculated move. I don’t want to encourage you!

[$195, DKNY]