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Scrub the Deck, Feel the Love

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As you guys might have gathered from previous posts, I’m a big fan of extracurricular fun in the tub. And whether you’re always game for a bath buddy or prefer to suds up solo, this shower tool is about to make getting clean a little bit dirtier:


Following in the presumably lucrative footsteps of the Axe Shower Tool, the Old Spice Deck Scrubber is basically the very same concept, only with naughtier innuendos (from the product site: “an experienced seaman knows the gentler sex is unlikely to board a vessel whose deck, galley, and undercarriage has not been scrubbed as clean as the shiny inside part of an oyster shell”), plus that classic Old Spice scent.

Now that’s an oyster shell I wouldn’t mind a taste of.

[Price TBA, Old Spice]

[via Uncrate]