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Sean and His Classic Vintage Style

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Public transportation is always a great place to people watch, and I know more than a few couples who first hit it off while hurtling through the Transbay Tube into SF. The lesson? Always look your best when riding public transit. So it was no surprise when I ran into Sean just outside the downtown Oakland BART station — he was dressed to the nines, and I couldn’t help but notice that his ensemble was a perfect blend of vintage style and modern sensibilities.

He said he’d just come from an audition in SF, and it turns out that Sean is a musician — his hometown is Berkeley, but he’d just returned from a solo tour of Europe and was scoping out a few venues in the city. Sean’s ensemble elements were nearly as eclectic and hip as his travel schedule over the past few months: his matching red shirt and socks were from Still Life, his blazer from Schauplatz (one of my favorite SF spots), his pants from Wasteland, his belt buckle from Torso, and his shoes from Jeremy’s. In other words, a perfectly striking outfit that came together in true vintage fashion.

When it comes to dressing for stylish success, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this.