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See the Stars

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Stargazing — such a great form of seduction. Just you, your date, and the stars relaxing; no words necessary. If you’re in a city, however, it’s very rare that you’ll look up at the night sky with your date and see a bed of stars above you unless you go to the country or step into a planetarium.

Or you can also step into the Stellarium.


Stellarium is a free program for your computer that displays the night sky on your monitor, the same night sky projected in planetariums! See the stars as if you would from the Earth with just your eye, binoculars, or a telescope. Choose constellations, atmospheric conditions, and more.

Who needs to leave the city when you have planetarium in your room? And at this point, you’re already in a bedroom, prime location for a supernova between you and your date.



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