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Serena, Claudine And The Matching Pink Earmuffs

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At a dinner party a few weeks ago, I formed an instant and intense friend-crush on one of the hosts, Joanna. At the end of the night, heading out for a smoke, she proudly donned a pair of cream-colored, hugely-fluffy ear muffs. As she did, she looked at me expectedly, with eyes that said if-you-don’t-say-you-like-them-our-fast-and-furious-affair-is-over. Now, I don’t have anything against ear muffs; I just haven’t worn them since the 4th grade. These days, I’m more of a beret-or-floppy-skull-cap kind of girl. However, they looked adorable on her, which just proves my theory: ear muffs are one of those things that some people can rock, and some people can’t. 

Take these two, they’ve certainly got it, especially when they’re out walking the wintery streets of New York, arm-in-arm  They are Serena and Claudine, girlfriend and boyfriend’s mom. Serena goes to NYU, and when she’s not strolling around wearing pink ear muffs she studies Politics and hangs out with her French boyfriend. Oh, and did I mention she has a French boyfriend? Oh, to be in young, sophisticated, walking around the city speaking French with my adorable not-quite-mother-in-law . So sweet. So beautiful. So pure. Almost makes me want to run out and buy a pair of pink ear muffs (for Joanna)….