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Serious Guy Crush: Johnny Depp

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Oh, Johnny. I’ve adored you since I was nine years old and saw Nightmare on Elm Street at a slumber party in my best friend’s basement. And as the years flew by, you were never once hard on the eyes (or the sensibilities). No wonder GQ named you one of the most stylish men in the world and put you — shirtless, no less! — on the cover of their February issue. Le sigh.

But down to the heart of the matter: what is it about Johnny Depp that is so damned stylish? I’ve had this debate with more than a few people, and while responses range from "Well, it’s not hard to be stylish when you’re Johnny Depp" to "I love him, he’s totally hot, he can do no wrong," there seems to be a general consensus that Johnny’s style is derived from classy simplicity.

In other words, not too much of one thing. I love this photo of him, and it perfectly captures the concept here:

Which translates pretty much to this:

[$11, Target]

[$11 for 5, Hanes]

[$17, Level Collection]

Of course, the Depp goatee and tattoos don’t hurt either, but the moral of the story is simple: choose a few bold, classy elements, rock ’em like you own ’em, and you’re guaranteed to garner some attention.