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Setting the Mood: 69 Love Songs

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If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to back an intimate evening at your place, look no further: 69 Love Songs pretty much guarantees that you’ll feel the love.

The Magnetic Fields’ acclaimed three-disc album celebrated its 10th anniversary in September, and it’s only gotten better with age. With a whole lot of Stephin Merritt’s sultry vocals, plus a hefty dose of lo-fi charm and clever songwriting, it will melt your date’s heart completely:


[$40, Amazon]

If you need concrete proof that these tunes will — at the very least — land you another rendezvous, follow my man’s example; he played Book of Love for me on our first date, and I was totally smitten. Nowadays, we still listen to those CDs and make out.

For you vinyl aficionados out there, rumor has it that 69 Love Songs is set to be released in limited edition vinyl box set in 2010. And yes, the fastest way to a girl’s heart is most definitely through your record player.