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Setting the Mood: It Could Be Sweet

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Whether you’re looking for a sultry striptease soundtrack or a surefire way to get in the mood for an evening out, there’s one album that you absolutely must have.

For years, Portishead has been my go-to music when I need a sexy soundtrack. Yes, I choreographed my own striptease to Glory Box, thank you very much. And yes, it worked out better than I ever imagined. And now Portishead’s Third is available in an equally sexy box set:

The set comes with all sorts of goodies, including rare vinyl and a limited edition print. But beyond the music itself, this is probably the coolest feature:

Behold, the Portishead memory stick. I want one. Bad.

And I’m pretty sure nothing says come home with me and get undressed while Portishead is on the stereo quite so eloquently.

[$57, Amazon]