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Setting the Mood: Miles Davis

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Miles Davis is smooth. No, not in that "smooth jazz, John Tesh" kind of way, but in that "he wrote some of the best, most listenable jazz records ever" kind of way.

In a Slate article, writer Stanley Crouch said, "The command of the poetic emotion made Miles Davis the greatest player of romantic songs to emerge since World War II and the innovations of Charlie Parker."

And really, what’s more romantic than sitting around the apartment with your guy/girl and listening to Miles Davis? With this collection, you’ll be able to sit listening to his work for a month straight:

Miles Davis: The Complete Album Collection features 52 albums on 70 CDs in faux-LP packaging, a DVD of a live show from 1967, and a 250-page book.

So queue up Love Songs, Kind of Blue, and My Funny Valentine and don’t get out of your bed for days.

[$330, Amazon]

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