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Setting the Mood: Simpler Times

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Maybe it’s the lazy summertime weather, or the moonshine I just ordered, or that camping trip to the mountains last week, but I’ve been feeling just a tad old-fashioned lately. As in, all I want to do is hang out on the porch with my man, sipping drinks and watching fireflies. These mason jar-inspired lanterns set the perfect tone for just such an intimate, old-fashioned evening.

The folks at Pigeon Toe slipcast these porcelain lanterns from old Kerr jars, then attached a steel wire for easy hanging. They come ready with a votive candle, meaning all you have to do is dim the lights, spark a match, and settle in for an evening of blissfully simpler times.

[$28, Pigeon Toe Ceramics]

[via NOTCOT]