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Setting the Mood: Something to Write Home About

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Whether you’re a hipper-than-thou Pitchfork worshiper and he/she’s all about the top 40, one thing is certain: at some point in high school or college you both listened to The Get Up Kids.

The Get Up Kids were one of those bands that helped shape you in your formative years (and one of the few bands you can look back on without feeling guilty about).

And if you guys do have this shared interest, nothing can bring you closer together like reminiscing and singing along to these emo anthems from the late 90s.

Something to Write Home About is their gem and it has just been re-released for its 10th anniversary. The re-release also includes a DVD of the reunion show and bonus demos.

Even if your date isn’t a Get Up Kids fan, play the closer track "I’ll Catch You" and let it work its magic.

[$16, Blue Collar Distro]

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