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Sex, Science, and a Date with Destiny

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I’ve got a date with destiny this week. Or, more specifically, a date with the Exploratorium, a scientific Sexploration, and a group of my favorite people. I’ve told you guys about the Exploratorium’s After Dark adults-only events before, but let me recap: there’s booze, there’s a hands-on science museum, and there’s absolutely no kids. Throw sex into the mix, and you’ve got one hell of a Thursday night.

And it turns out I’m not even close to the only one who loves the topic of science and sex. Mary Roach — author of such nonfiction delights as Spook and Stiff — has a book that’s all about the science of sex. Welcome to Bonk, the book that’ll have you hooked and horny from page 1.

It delves into everything from the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of sex to the phenomena of penis cameras, enhancement devices, monkey sex athletes, and porn stars who license their genitalia. I’d say it makes for one very inspirational read.

[$17, Amazon]