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Share a Popsicle

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My very first date was a popsicle date. We were four years old and we walked around sharing one of those icepops with the two sticks and, of course, the neighborhood bully comes and knocks it out of our hand. Then I cried.

Fast forward 20 years and I still think popsicle dates are the way to go! But since our tastes are so sophisticated, we need a popsicle to match. People’s Pops, a company based in Brooklyn, NY, makes mouth-watering gourmet popsicles out of fresh fruits, herbs, and more into flavor combos such as watermelon, cucumber and hyssop to strawberry and rhubarb.


So grab that special person and head down to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene on a Saturday to get a taste of these delectable delights to keep you cool before you two get hot. Remember: nostalgia and tingling taste buds are sure to win over anyone’s heart.

Don’t live in NYC? Not a problem, here’s a recipe for making the peach, chamomile, and honey People’s Pop!

Post script to the story above: I ended up kissing that girl during a Sesame Street commercial break.

[$3, People’s Pops]

[via Cool Hunting]