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Shower Sex Just Got Even Better

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Here at ToA, we spend a lot of time thinking about how you can get your date not just back to your apartment — but ideally into your shower, too. We’ve tried out shower heads for optimal intimacy, we’ve investigated technology that will turn your bathtub into a seduction chamber, and we’ve sought out accessories that will enhance your shower experience. But I’ve got to say that this wonderful little invention truly trumps all of these when it comes to fun for two in the tub:

Behold the DIY shower curtain. It’s so simple and so brilliant, I think I might have to order one. As in, right now. Basically, it’s a blank shower curtain that comes with a permanent marker so you can illustrate your greatest shower fantasies however you see fit. I’m thinking this might make for the perfect date: tag-team the drawing, then test-drive the result.

[$33, Grain Design]

[via HolyCool]