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Sierra on Horn-Rimmed Glasses, Record Collections, and All Things High-Waisted

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What’s something that turns you on when you see it on a guy?
Horn-rimmed glasses.

Do you have a style deal-breaker?
More than two items of performance outerwear. If he’s wearing a jacket, a moisture-wicking T-shirt, and Keens at a bar, I’m over it. Unless you’re going hiking, don’t wear these things.

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
I get my legs a lot. Or my brain (laughs).

Is there a celebrity people tell you you look like?
Liv Tyler. But once someone told me I look like a combination of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the mom from Malcolm in the Middle.

What’s something you’ve seen in a guy’s apartment that made you spend the night?
A good book and record collection. Sometimes I go to someone’s house whom I’m not interested in and see a good book and then I’ll think, "We have more in common than I thought."

How about something that turned you off?
One of those big posters with a half-naked model on it, like a Sports Illustrated photograph.

What’s one thing you see on other people these days that makes you cringe?
I’m getting sick of all the urban hippie stuff, like feathers and furs and moccasins.

How about a style trend you’re really into?
For girls, I like high-waisted outfits that show the upper midriff. I’m also into socks with skirts and dresses. And I love exposed detailing on outfits, like zippers and buttons. And girly embellishments like little bows.