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Sile and Her Spring Fling

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Spring has seriously sprung in the Bay Area, and we celebrated by paying a visit to Heart and Dagger Saloon, a new-ish bar near the lake that has the perfect patio for sprintime drinking. There, we ran into Sile, who was rocking out to the (decidedly awesome) jukebox and all decked out for spring herself. She’d paired up a retro-style striped shirt with a lightweight sweater and bright red nail polish — a combination that had us checking her out from all the way across the bar. She’d found the shirt on sale at H&M (a serious score), she bought the sweater at Jeremy’s, and she’d picked up the nail polish on a whim at Tootsie’s.

All in all, Sile’s retro/urban/springtime look was a perfect match for the environs at Heart and Dagger, where good times and cheap beer are definitely in the air.