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Since You’re Gonna Have Hat Hair Anyways. . .

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Tired of the same ol’ unflattering beanie you’ve had for a few years now?

Yeah, it serves it’s utilitarian purpose of staying warm, but why not get something nicer?You’re gonna have hat hair anyways, at least turn a few heads while you’re at it!

Consider hard graft’s new line of hats. Handmade in Vienna, Austria and boasting a grey and brown color scheme, these hats use materials including rabbit fur, felt, merino wool, and cashmere. They’re also made to order — guaranteed for the perfect fit.

The above cashmere hat is made from cashmere wool and rex rabbit fur, making it probably the softest damn hat you’ll ever touch. 

[$285, hard graft]


The militaristic loden cap, equipped with a wool pull-down flap for those especially bitter days, is modern and classic all at once.

[$190, hard graft]


And if you’re that concerned with your hair, get the rex rabbit fur earmuffs.

[$190, hard graft]


[$285, hard graft]

And for a dapper, yet casual look, the fur felt hat should do the trick. The inside is lined with the rabbit fur.

To be honest, I feel bad about the rabbits. . . but that stuff is soft. I would keep the rabbit fur part out when you’re chatting up those cute vegetarians. 

[hard graft]