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Skin on Skin

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I remember a few years back — at the point when nearly everyone finally had an iPod — when iPod wars became much more than just a way to add excitement to your public transportation commute… Suddenly, flashing your iPod was the hottest new way to get a date. You flash Joy Division, she flashes New Order, and fate is written in the stars, no?

Nowadays, iPod wars might be a thing of the past, but using your iPod/Phone/Touch to garner some well-deserved attention from an attractive stranger is most certainly not.

Enter the world of skins. And while a lot of skins out there are too flashy, tacky, or just plain silly, choose wisely and you might find yourself striking up a conversation with a new friend.

I’d say that the Infectious "Let’s Play" skin is a fairly wise choice. It’s interesting, attractive, and a little edgy, but it’s also completely affordable. And yes, it might just be your ace in the hole.

[$15, Infectious]

[via Cool Material]