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So You Think You Can Look Hot While Dancing

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The dance floor: It’s the great equalizer.

Whether you’ve tarted yourself up with a push-up bra or opted for the I’m-not-even-trying look…whether you’ve surrounded yourself with a gaggle of girls or partnered up with your best wingman…whether you’ve pregamed so much you can’t even see or arrived sober as a judge…the mating dance that occurs at a dance club makes everyone vulnerable, especially when your best move is an ironic reenactment of the lawnmower.

If you’re desperate for that hot dancer’s body with both moves and actual coordination to match, you could always try So You Think You Can Dance’s line of fitness videos:


[Cardio Funk and Tone & Groove, $12.49, Amazon]

Or…um…maybe that’s just my excitement over tonight’s season premiere talking.

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